How To Bowhunting With Night Vision

Hunting with small arms is gaining in popularity from day to day. People have a wild desire to try these medieval weapons. Some just want to test their stamina, fortitude, physical fitness, wit and character because hunting with a crossbow is more dangerous and difficult than hunting with firearms. For most people, hunting with a crossbow is a war between man and beast, as both are about equal.  Man complicates the conditions of the hunt, increases the risks and deliberately exposes himself to danger so that in the end to win the very trophy, which will be much more valuable. Hunting with a crossbow at night is much more dangerous than during the day. Not all hunters can dare such an activity.

The crossbow is usually associated with the bow and usually these two weapons are compared to each other. But the crossbow is inevitably induced by the number of advantages.

Somehow, however, after its appearance the implement did not displace the bow, moreover, they existed for a long time in parallel and were used together as weapons for hunting and warfare.

The main advantage of the crossbow in hunting is silence. The crossbow does not frighten game with a gunshot that can be heard several kilometers away, and all the people and animals around know who, where and with what caliber. The shot from a crossbow is practically silent – a light clap that drowns in the foliage after a hundred meters. Often there are cases when a bird doesn’t even fly away and it’s possible to reload, make correction and shoot again. Also an important advantage is the possibility to make a projectile from the material at hand – a bolt. In addition, bolts can be used repeatedly. But no one has ever managed to shoot twice with the same cartridge.

Equipment of Bowhunting

To hunt with a crossbow you need a crossbow, arrows, sight and night vision device for night hunting.


The optimal crossbow should be such that a straight shot at the target is at least 50 meters. A hunter does not have to worry about accuracy of shot because every good crossbow provides a good indicator in this regard and is several times better than the smooth-bore weapon. Today crossbows are subdivided into 2 groups: recurve (or classic) and block ones. They have some differences in firing technique, design and loading system.


Depending on their purpose, crossbow arrows are divided into two types, sporting and hunting arrows.

Hunting arrows are solid projectiles designed to hit wild animals and inflict fatal wounds on them. About twice as heavy as sport ones, they have longer plumage, which helps them stabilize in flight as fast as possible. Carbon and fiberglass are used to make hunting arrows with a high penetrating effect. Fiberglass or aluminum alloys are suitable for making arrows for small game.

Some crossbow arrows are equipped with a special insert that allows the tips to be changed. Such projectiles can be used both for hunting and for sport shooting.

Also note that different arrowheads are used for hunting different game.

1. Multi-bladed brodheads with wide or narrow blades.

2. bolts with opening blades.

3. Arrows with blunt-tipped arrowheads – shocks.

The average weight of crossbow arrows ranges from 19.5 to 32.5 grams.

A night vision device for the crossbow.

When shooting a crossbow, the recoil in the usual sense, i.e. a push of the stock into the shooter’s shoulder, does not occur, under the influence of the bowstring inertia the crossbow, in simple terms, sharply jerks back and forth, and when straightening the crossbow shoulders, vibrations occur, continuing until the bowstring and shoulders come to a state of rest. This, so to say, shot impulse is practically not felt by a shooter, however for the analog night vision sight with such an outdated EOP (or more exactly for its glass insulating case) it is quite perceptible and will eventually lead to the sight failure.

Therefore, when choosing a night vision device, you should take into account that the scope must be equipped with a metal or ceramic insulating case

Beginning with the generation 1+, BTEs are already equipped with metal or ceramic insulating housing, which is highly resistant to recoil even of firearms, therefore sights with BTEs of generations 1+, 2, 2+, 3 and 3+ are theoretically excellent for use on crossbows.

Method of Hunting- Bowhunting With Night Vision

Many experienced animals are active at night, so hunters have to look after themselves in order to see better in the dark.  Lying in wait for an animal in an ambush or hiding on a platform suspended from a tree (because it is impossible to sneak up on a sensitive ungulate in absolute darkness), the consideration of this complete observation is a targeted night observation.

A good hunting method at night is bait hunting.  This is the most working way.  But it is not desirable to use a bright white colored flashlight, as this can be scared away. So as not to scare the animal you need to choose the right night vision device for yourself and then the hunt will turn out to be successful.

Note that it is best to shoot when you are sure you can hit the animal.  Decide on the comfortable position of your body for the shot and choose the right distance.  Distance plays a big role as you need to get as close as possible without spooking the animal.

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